Monday, April 25, 2011

DS Success!

Blog land was all in a frenzy when this story broke...
And I have to be honest... I was a bit frantic too. Just a tiny bit.
After a few trips to JoAnns in two different cities, I am pleased to announce I am the proud owner of the whole thing... But I have to say I am dying to get my hands on the last ten... ?? Colorway (AU) please make a showing sometime soon!  I must have you!  Anyone know when and if it is going to show up?

p.s.  My sewing machine and camera have had a really hard week.  Both were seriously on the fritz!  I am happy to say both are fixed and have been used.  I will be back later today with proof!


  1. i've ordered a few of these prints too...i should be getting them soon. i too wish that they had more of the yellow and red prints.

  2. A few trips to Joanns in two different cities? Nope, you weren't obsessed at all. :)


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