Monday, May 6, 2013

Super tote LOVE!

When Anna posted the teaser of her new Super Tote pattern on her blog i was excited!  i love all of Anna's patterns and i have made several.  she makes awesome patterns, period!
when i was looking at her post and saw the elasticized pockets i honestly thought to myself; that girl is a mind reader!  
i love to carry my water bottle around and i have to admit that i am a little addicted to fruit punch flavored crystal light!  the problem with this is, well... its RED!!  and at times my water bottle has been known to leak a little here and there and that is just no fun!  i have been thinking to myself i need to figure out how to make some elasticized pockets to keep my water bottle from bumping all over in my purse and making a huge mess and when i saw those pockets it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang!   
 so i emailed anna and told her my little water bottle/elasticized pockets story and told her how awesome it is that she is a mind reader and that cheeky little fox sent me a copy of her pattern!  i was a little excited, to say the least!  i freaking love you anna! 
 because seriously, this pattern is amaaaazing, as all of her patterns are!  but this has squeaked out in front as my very, very favorite!
  i made my first ever hand made piping and it was easy as pie.  

also, side note, love my juki!  
that little machine sews like a dream! 
top stitching!!
  i also made a slight modification to my outer pocket, nothing too crazy.  instead of leaving the outer pocket with canvas on the inside.  i cut another pocket piece, sandwiched the canvas between, and surged them together.  see... dots on both sides.
  i like the way it looks on the inside.  it just seems a little more finished and that facing, i think, is pretty rad also!
 one slight other modification i made was to topstitch along the gusset.  this one little thing just puts it over the top for me.  i think it is gorgeous!
 so, here it is...  my super tote! 
 so bright and happy for summer!
 the zipper is awesome sauce too!
 remember those pockets i told you about...  they really are super awesome for my water bottle and my lysol wipes that i take EVERYWHERE!!! 
it is amazing how disgusting public restrooms are when you have a little boy who is newly potty trained and is still a little too short to stand and pee...
i made the pocket 2.5" taller and it was the perfect size for them both.  
  i do think this is my favorite part of this bag. 

thanks again anna! you really are the awesomest mind reader ever! 
i may have another one almost finished and another one ready to cut.......  

i love it so much and i hope you sell Thousands of this pattern!!!  



  1. I really need to make one of these.

  2. Super beautiful bag Nicke. Your fabric choices are lovely.

  3. Beautiful tote...and thank you for the tutorial! I love totes a lot! :) ♥♥♥

  4. Just beautiful - another bag to add to my list of must makes :)

  5. That. Is. Genius. I love how it zips closed and the elasticated pockets are the business! Great review, missus, and I do love your fabric choices!

  6. Wow! Nicke! You did a great job on that bag! I love the fabric and the bag....what a great bag!

  7. gorgeous bag! i love your little ruffled clutch too.

  8. Umm your IG pics totally didn't do this baby justice! You are the bag-making queen of the world! You've inspired me to try the piping (I was going to cheat and do a lining and then fold it over the top). Oh, and aren't OUR Jukis awesome? :) I want to eat that top-stitching.

  9. Super Super Cute! I definitely want to try that pattern!

  10. How fantastic! I want to steal your version. The fabrics are glorious! You know, that actually looks like a potential diaper bag pattern... and I mean that in the best way.

  11. It's a beauty!!! I have the pattern pdf open on my desktop daring me to drop everything else and make one!

  12. Oooh, it looks fab, love the little details :o)

  13. Fabulous bag - love the colourful fabrics you used too!

  14. Seriously awesome, and thanks for noting your modifications!

  15. Your new bag is most beautiful and I love the pattern!

  16. You totally rocked the pattern, and I love how cute you are. Always. xoxo

  17. Hey Nicke....I'm getting there on my tote, and since you've made one I hoped you wouldn't mind a question! How in the world did you topstitch the gusset?? I can't quite wrap my head around it - maybe for the first side, but once the front and back are both attached to the gusset, how did you topstitch? Help!! :)


thank you...