Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heal circle do.Good June

Heal circle do.Good June by xx Nicke

Heal circle do.Good June, a photo by xx Nicke on Flickr.
i made these two blocks for melissa's month of do.Good.  
she wanted modern stars, as in no wonky! 
 all solids. 
 i love how mine turned out.

being a part of do.Good has been so fulfilling.  
i love being a part of it and look forward to being a part for a long time!



  1. Oh I love them! I especially love that they're not wonky. My OCD just can't handle asymmetrics :-) I think it's really cool that you sew for a great cause. I can see how that is very fulfilling.

  2. Great colors! I love do good. It's so nice to be able to do a little project every month and have it become something larger.

  3. I love being part of it too Nicke. Happy Stitching : )

  4. gosh, i love these dusty colors. gorgeous blocks too. *mwah!*

  5. These are lovely and subdued. Pretty, pretty!

  6. WOW, I love you blocks, too! That first block scares me, I just don't know that I could do it and have it look that good! :) How long did it take?? I just know one of these months someone will assign that block!

  7. Yay! So glad to hear you're enjoying it. BTW, I love that font you're using on the photo. Pretty!

  8. I love the softness of the colors you chose...it really makes these so peaceful. Love it!


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