Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's his party

 and he'll cry if he wants to...
today is this little guys birthday!
2 years old!
we were outside last night playing.  spencer was giving the kids short rides on his dirt bike and when it was sisters turn, brother had a fit!
tears galore!
i thought, maybe sitting on the new quilt will make him happy?  it always works for me.

not so much for him...
he usually LOVES being snuggled up in a "bankie" but when there is a motorcyle near, "No Thanks".

so, here she is, "Dream On".

i lightly spray basted and used no additional pins.
using my grace, i started quilting and found that i was having serious pucker problems (spp).
 so i ripped out a few quilting lines, and all was well.
spp crisis averted.
 it is super fun to use.
 we all love it so so much.
it makes me want to have a picnic for every meal.
 super simple fast quilting. just a 1/4 inch off of the seam.
i loved the horizontal lines so much i couldn't bring myself to go vertical!
so today we are making cupcakes 
and if the stupid wind stops blowing we will eat them outside on our happy picnic blanket
 happy birthday big guy!  
i love you a million bazillion! 
and i promise to buy you a motorcycle of your own when you are just a little bigger!


  1. happy birthday to your son! love the patchwork. so vintage and fun. perfect for a picnic.

  2. oh, what a great post. Happy birthday to your little guy. I love how you tried to calm him down by sitting on a new quilt. My kids would have had the same reaction as your son did. Surprise, surprise!!!

  3. Quilt looks fantastic! Your a good mom to make cupcakes...better than what I did for my baby's last Birthday!

  4. Nicke.... love the quilt but "I promise to buy you a motorcycle" IN WRITING?? Are you nuts?!! lol

  5. Sadly, when given a class, most boys will choose a motorcycle over a quilt. But I'd choose your Dream On quilt any day! I'm glad you got over your spp. :)

  6. Happy Birthday little stud!! Two already?? How the years fly!! Don't you wish they could stay little forever? I looove love love that quilt! the simple quilting is just perfect. Makes me want to have a picnic too! Enjoy your day with your little precious loves! Give them a big hug for me!

  7. Happy Birthday, little (or now "not so little) one!
    And I love the quilt! It looks gorgeous! I vote for picnics for every meal!

  8. Hahah! I love those pictures of the birthday boy pouting on the quilt! too cute!

  9. OK so now that promise is in writing. He will hold you to this when he is 16!!

    Lovely quilt - springy colours. I spray basted once, never again!

  10. It's a beautiful quilt! I'm glad you finished, and proud you had the patience to rip out when needed. It's always so tempting to just ignore the imperfections!

    And happy, happy birthday to your adorable little guy. He is precious.

  11. ROFL, what a face! Happy birthday to him

  12. Oh life is so hard for little boys, isn't it? He's stinking cute though, even when he's mad. And I love Dream On! I made a quilt with it once but I sold it :-(

  13. So precious. Happy b-day little man. Love your quilt too.
    I get to snuggle my new babe tonight ; )

  14. haha! what a great picture of your son! beautiful quilt. Sorry you had problems with the spray basting. :( I hate rippig stitches.

  15. Happy Birthday! Love the will get lots of good use I am sure. Its perfect for picnics and cupcakes :)

  16. i love all your beautiful projects, especially the dream quilt! i "dream" someday of getting a quilt from you. i will pay you for one. you are so talented nicke! seeing little boy's face made me laugh ( i love that scowl of his) and made me miss you guys. love you!!


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