Thursday, April 5, 2012

1st quarter finish a-long report...

what i did finish!...
 purple cherry
 wonky baby

what i intended to finish... 
swoon... check.
fly girl... not check.  
backing fabric is ready and it has been sitting on the floor in my sewing room waiting for its turn.
dream on... not check.
but i was successful in finding a vintage sheet that is going to look fantastic on the back.  
i just need batting... 

my goal of a quilt a month is going smashingly well!  
three finishes in three months.

and i have another that is nearly done!  
keep a sharp eye out for that one...
 it is a doozy! 



  1. You've been very productive!! Fly girl is going to be so awesome. That one should be next! I mean, um, if you want it to be. :)

  2. Someone is on a roll! :) All your quilts are gorgeous... I cannot wait to see the finished Fly Girl, I love that one!

  3. Lovely finishes Nicke, but come on...I want to see fly girl done!! ;-)

  4. Love your quilts and the swoon finished up fantastic! Really like how you quilted diagonal lines across....really fitting for the block design!

  5. Awesome, chick. You've been very productive! You seem to be on a roll, so I'm going to let you finish up my Swoon quilt, okay?


  6. such gorgeous quilts!! Fly Girl is so much fun...I'm sure it's going to be amazing :o)

  7. Well you win some, you lose some, but looks like you mostly won there!

  8. so awesome! I'm a finishing loser lately. I really really can't wait to see that one other thing!!! ;)

  9. That is a lot of awesome finishes and I hope you get the shoo fly one done soon as I love it the most!

  10. Congrats on the progress!
    I love all the cute things u do!

  11. Great job girly! I especially love that Dream On quilt! I have 4 charm packs calling my name, but I can't touch them until after I move!

  12. What beautiful quilts!! LOVE then all, good luck getting to the next one, I can't wait to drool on my PC looking at it

  13. wow, you are on track for an absolutely EPIC year of quilting! hooray!!

  14. Hi Nicke. I have a dream on layer cake. Love that punch of orange in yours. I am nearly finished a quilt too! Happy Easter : )

  15. Can't wait to see Fly Girl all finished up. I love wonky quilts and your's is so cute!

  16. Great finishes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next ones :)
    In the meantime - Happy Easter!

  17. Ok, this is freaky… JUST as I'm reading your blog, in comes a comment from you from my blog. We must have been channeling each other! Love all your quits, but especially your Fly Girl - mmmm, yummy!

  18. Wow! You are in production mode! I am loving what I see here. Such eye-candy!


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