Thursday, February 16, 2012

made in cherry... for dani and wyatt

i am painfully close to having this quilt done.
made in cherry... by xx Nicke
made in cherry..., a photo by xx Nicke on Flickr.
 it would be done already but sadly, i have been so busy with work, keeping my children fed, and trying (but often failing) to keep my house clean that i haven't sat at my sewing machine for about a week... (gasp! i am sad to say it, but it is true) but i am very happy to say that this will be done by this weekend. 

 because it is for these two very special people!
my sister in law, Dani, and her husband to be, Wyatt... 
they get married on saturday. 

 aren't they so cute.  she is so beautiful!  
and they are SOOOO in love.  
and apparently, he is unnaturally strong. ;) lol!
(and kudos to my sister in law andrea for taking such beautiful pictures!  xo love you!)



  1. I love the colors you used in this one! Can't wait to see it done.

  2. I love when you can tell how much a couple loves each other :)
    And there`s nothing better to show your love than a quilt!

  3. Aww, what a fab pressie, hope it all goes well for the big day!

  4. lovely quilt for such a special occasion!

  5. They are too cute and the top is awesome! Are you sure you need to give it to them and not me???

  6. I bet it will be a super fun weekend! I hope you can finish in time, but if not, a late gift will be absolutely fine. They are an adorable couple!

  7. Pretty, pretty pictures...what a beautiful couple!
    I can't wait to see the quilt when it's done!

  8. I'm sure they're going to love it, its looking fab

  9. It is coming along nicely...I can't wait to see it finished. Please tell me your SIL didn't take those pictures because you misplaced your camera AGAIN!!!

  10. mmm...what a sweet quilt for some sweet folks!

  11. what a beautiful quilt! i'm sure they will love it.


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