Monday, October 3, 2011

you crafty mo fo!

before you even think about going any farther you need to know that this post is a deviation of any post i have previously made...

it is filled with pictures of objects recently finished that are a little dirty...

again this is NSFW! if you scroll down and your boss or your newly reading child sees this, i apologize!

i feel i have warned you adequately... here are the goods...

in august i stumbled upon Chawne's blog; Completely Cauchy.  I was enamored with her dirty stitching especially on her "just dont give a...stitch" post.  i laughed and laughed and read a few comments and noticed a comment that totally cracked me up!  it said this...  (again, if you are offended my harsh language, please use your inner beep to censor this for yourself...)    

"i always said when i bought a house i was going to make a mat that says, “Fuck-off” instead of “Welcome” but then i lost my nerve. maybe for the inside of the front door."  

i laughed and laughed until realized that the author of the comment was non other that the Kind and Benevolent Leader of our Wonky Bee, Sara.  then i was stoked...  the wonky bee was winding down, the bee has been so much fun and i have made some great friends and as i read that comment, i knew what i had to do!  

i emailed jacey and we conspired to make her a mini quilt...a thank you for being such a great moderator.   it ended up being pretty awesome... 
Thank-you gift
she was happy with it... i promise... she even blogged about it.  she took a better picture of it too so i used the pic she took... 

my friend Jacey was so nice to help me out with this that i decided a little thank you was in order for her also.  remember those blue balls...  

ahhh, come on perverts.... the blue ball trim! 

i am happy to report i was able to fix it and it is sooo fixed that jacey can't even tell what ball was broken.  my skills are endless...
it is a little pillow cover.  i took some pics but they are amazingly absent in my computer.  thanks jacey for loaning me a better picture... 

so, jacey thank you so much for being so fun...  you are really one crafty mo fo!  

i have little gifts that i have received from both of these super talented gals recently.  i will share them another day. i need material for the next 29 days... 



  1. Fan-f'in-tastic! Thanks for sharing! Also, glad to hear you took control of those balls.

  2. I think I love you. In a totally awesome not-at-all-creepy kinda way, obviously. They. Are. Genius. I *need* a little quilt with my favourite swear word on it now. Just have to pick one word......there's so many GOOD ones.......

  3. I thought it was LOL funny! haha I want one of those F/O mats hahaha

  4. i am so proud of you guys! so great to let your crafty mofo-sides sing like this!

  5. love that pillow cover. so awesome!

  6. Seriously, Nicke, you're awesome. It was so much fun conspiring with you on Sara's gift, and it still cracks me up to look at it.

    And my pillow is super badass. Thank you, thank you. You too, are a crafty mofo. xo

  7. Oooh, glad you blogged it! Its fucking awesome and I want one too!! That AND the crafty mofo pillow... genius :-)

  8. hehe, awesome and hilarious :D
    You are a pair :)
    It must have been such fun.

  9. Oh My God! I love them!
    I am cracking up looking at them! (in only the best way!)

  10. Thank you for making me laugh on a grey Sunday morning! I have made a few quilts that I wouldn't bring to show and tell at my guild too; it's quite liberating, isn't it!

  11. omg, this post made me laugh out a crazy person!! LOVE!


thank you...