Monday, October 17, 2011

dirt bikes and dirty faces.

i am kinda sucking at this whole blog every single day thing...
apparently, i have some follow through issues.
i will try harder.

we had an eventful weekend.
spencer was in his first dirt bike race.
 we took pictures...
 mr. h ate some potato chips...
that's him... the second from the left.
green bike...
black gear...
he is so cool... collected...
the race was supposed to start at 12:30.
but... there was a kid that wrecked and broke his leg. 
(it is a dangerous sport.)
they started at 3:00.
the object was to ride for 2 hours and see how many laps you made during that time.
 Spencer got second place in the pro class!
  my man, dirt bike ass kicker!  
oh how i love him!

xx  nicke


  1. Cool! Looks like a great day :-) And dont worry too much bout the every day bloggin, you're not doing too bad!

  2. Awesome, Nicke! You married such a badass, I love it! lol It was so great talking to you the other day :-) Here's the plan: You, me, sewing summit next year... DONE! Oh and Hunger Games in March!!

  3. He is pretty badass! And your pretty badass for letting him do it!
    My husband took up bike racing on the velodrome but there was a big crash 2 weeks in in which some guy got him thumb amputated on my husband's wheel...and so I told him that I hope he enjoyed his short but illustrious bike racing career (I can't help it - I like men with thumbs!)

  4. So glad to see you out enjoying yourself. Looks like you guys had a great time - I am sure Spenser did! What fun!!!

  5. Wow, I'm impressed! He is definitely a badass. I'm glad the whole family was there to cheer him on!

  6. Hey, no sweat, we all have issues. Mine is being such a control freak that can't miss a post, or the sky will almost certainly fall in!

    The dirt biking looks fun - I love watching bike and car racing.


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