Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My sewing table... 
 I painted it white... and my sweet Sara gave me a lovely flower for it.
 It is now in its new home in the sewing/play room and I LOVE IT! I also love that when I walk into the room I can still smell the freshly cut wood smell.  I wish I could find that smell as a candle.  
It is tall.  I don't have to bend over when I am cutting fabric.  That makes my back happy.
 It is beautifully distressed. 
 It is long!  There is so much room.  There is room for both of my cutting mats.
 It is pretty. Oh so pretty.
 I have a lot of space.  Lots of space around my machine.
 My sewing machine is very happy in it's new space.  Although, I have been fantasizing about one of these... ahhhhh...someday!
 I was so happy when I moved my sewing area a few months ago.  It was a drastic improvement from what I had ever had before.  Now I feel like I am living it up!
and now onto the other treat... my kaleidoscope quilt...the kites are all cut...
 And the first block!  Beautiful!


  1. wow that is an awesome sewing table. lucky you!

    love the kite quilt too.

  2. Beautiful table! I love that you have so much space all next to eachother. Using a roller chair you could get so much done without getting up once! :)

    Love this new block - is this an original quilt pattern or one you found someone else? Love the kites in pinwheel form :)

  3. duh me... just saw the pattern below haha. Super cute :) Can't wait to see more of your finished blocks!

  4. You lucky girl! Tell that guy when he has some free time...I could use a table like that :) It really is beautiful. You did a lovely job finishing it. And your block looks absolutely perfect!

  5. Lucky girl!! I wish I had a nice huge table like that to sew on! That first block is making me swoon! I wanted to pick the kaleidoscope quilt to start off with but I settled on the skipping squares pattern. It seems perfect for a beginner like me!

  6. Wow! That is such an improvement! And the table is gorgeous (excuse my jealousy for a minute).
    And your new quilt looks so beautiful. I love the first block!

  7. Very lucky! Amazing sewing table!
    Kite block looks great too!

  8. Nicke, I love how the table turned out. I might have to recurit the husband to make me one too. mine is large, but not quite working for me ;( I also love the new project, so wonderful! cant wait to see the finsihed product!

  9. What a great sewing table! Just what is needed to work with ease. Your block is great. Love the pattern.

  10. you are a lucky lady to have a resident handy man that can make you such a wonderful sewing table...i would love to have this! and a space to put it! :)


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