Monday, March 28, 2011

Innocent Crush...

Oh Anna Maria Horner, I have a bit of an innocent crush on you!
I feel like I am a bit late for the Innocent Crush bandwagon, it honestly took me a minute to really fall in love with this fabric... but fall I have.   I recently finished a project where I used this fabric.  When I found this tute from Christina "the sometimes crafter" when she guest posted on Whip Up I thought I would use the scraps I had left over and give it a go.   
I have to say; what a fantastic way to make half square triangles!  I am in love with this technique.  Super fast and easy peasy!  Little pinwheel block... welcome to my work in progress pile... you are going to look fantastic on my couch as a pillow!


  1. What a beautiful block!!
    P.S. I think I may have an innocent crush on AMH too :)

  2. great way to use up the scraps..I like pinwheels too!

  3. Those are beautiful. Innocent Crush was the same for me too. I had to see it used before I really loved it.

  4. It's a fun block and with the strips you made it even more interesting!


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