Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP's complete!

i have been a bit busy lately.  have finished a few things on my current to do list...  
1... burp cloths for my sweet barfer henry   2... 3 bags... all different patterns  3... 2 buggy barn blocks for Becky  4... pillow cases 5... super easy 15 minute pajama pants for sara 6... embroidery  7... ruffled shower curtain 8... Costumes for Halloween for both kiddos 
i finished a few new burp cloths for henry.  he is such a barfer...
with this adorable "lil cutie pouch"tutorial i sewed in my first ever zipper.  it was not even hard!  since this i have become obsessed with zippers. i found this site that i was super excited about. zippers for super super cheap!
i made these cute jamma pants...
and these ones too from this amazingly easy tutorial.  cute pants for a cute girl with really messy hair!

i also made this mail organizer.  it was really easy and would look a lot better if i would have just looked at wal-mart first for heavy duty double sided fusible interfacing.  the next one i make will look professional!
and finally costumes for halloween!  i had the cutest stop sign and stop light in the history of the world.

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  1. Those costumes are SO cute! Great job! And I love the other projects too ~ lots of inspiration!


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