Thursday, April 16, 2009

another junkie in the making!

when i went to washington to visit my sister becky i helped her make her first quilt. she did soooo well. she is now officially addicted and has finished her second quilt!

this is her baby ben helping her to pick out fabric so she can cut it.
this is ben after he picked out his favorite fabric.
this is ben hiding behind the table playing keep away... notice the windows behind ben... becky has some amazing views at her house.
this is the finished product.
it is bea-u-tiful! she is very talented and is a natural at quilting. i can't wait to go visit her again in a week and a half!


  1. I think thats a good color for Ben! Wow that is inspiring what Becky did!

  2. Ha, that makes me laugh. I love this blog, you are so talented, wish I could do what you do!


thank you...