Saturday, February 28, 2009

My looooong awaited trip to the Buggy Barn and the Fruits of our Labors!!!

I flew to Washington to visit my sister Becky... see below... and we went to the Buggy Barn. I was soooooo excited to go there. I have wanted to for such a long time and my sister and her husband live in Washington. Becky was awesome and flew us, (my daughter and i) into Spokane. Reardon (where the buggy barn is located) was only 15 miles from the airport... oh happy day! so we drove to the Buggy Barn. We were a little worried when we were driving there because it is seriously in "the middle of nowhere, Washington"

this is beck and i in front of the barn. i was so happy that we were there...
the barn itself... it is so cute... we had so much fun inside this little barn.
it really isn't that big of a place. but boy do they have A-MMAAAA-ZING stuff! i love the cute adirondack chairs out front. if it would have been a bit warmer outside i am sure we would have loved to sip some lemonade... or in becky's case a mike's hard lemonade...
when i say in the middle of nowhere, i mean seriously, the middle of nowhere. we drove down a gravel road about three miles, crossed some railroad tracks and did a little muddin' to get there. it was Great! this is the parking lot. that is the truck, can you see the mud all over the tires and the side of the truck.
and this is the scenery around the buggy barn.
a whole lot of nothing... beautiful nothing. this is what i would love to have as my scenery when i quilt...
and gus the horse... sara had a great time petting him. we wished we would have had some carrots or apples. we will come prepared next time.
and this is the inside. tons of quilts everywhere...

this is the decoration they had around the window. i thought it was so cute. i want to do some of these flowers for sara's room. and if you notice the quilt to the right of the picture. this is the "it takes a village" quilt. i thought it was soooo pretty. this pattern is going in my "to do" pile.
if you look below the sign that says "we give excellent SERVICE" you will see the red and gold and green with dark blue stars.... this is the christmas tree skirt... i have done this pattern and it was so fun... also, the american flag quilt, is also a pattern in my "to do" pile. and the lady on the phone is one of the workers. she was so nice and so helpful.
more and more quilts... they are even on the ceiling...

and this is what happened after we left the buggy barn. becky bought this fabric and this pattern and in three days, had completed her very first quilt with only a little help and guidance from me. she is a natural.
the details of her quilt. the quilting was just beautiful. i love the loopy and stars in the middle and the different patterns on the borders. it really turned out beautifully!
this is the quilt i made for her, well she and her husband but now i think she would just consider it hers, she made him the above quilt... i on the other hand did not make this in one weekend. it took a lot longer than that. but it is really pretty.
details of the star... with the quilting...
close up of the star. so pretty. it amazes me that i did this. i do love to quilt and piece... i really really do.


  1. um, so i hate to point this out, but you pretty much DO have that view outside your window when you quilt! i love the quilt you made your sister, that is absolutely beautiful! and she did really great too for her first time, you're a great teacher! fun trip

  2. Love the star, and the quilting! Thanks for linking to our block party

  3. I am blown away. Nicke, can you believe I've never seen snow??! Yep, being in south Texas, we don't get much cold weather so I am thoroughly jealous! Especially about the Buggy Barn and your amazing quilting skills! I don't think I'll ever be able to quilt like that!!

  4. Hello dearie! Looking back through your blog. I've been there too! My hubby and I skimmed across the top of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. LOVED Montana. It's fun to see how your quilting style has changed the past few years. I sure dropped a bundle in that shop. I doubt I have used much of it.
    Happy stitching today


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