Wednesday, January 28, 2009

one of the first quilts i ever did. pretty simple baby quilt. i did the piecing and quilting myself. this got a blue ribbon at the jerome county fair...
this is a quilt that i did for halle, our niece. another baby quilt...
and sara's quilt. my own design. hand embroidered. another blue ribbon.
this was a simple strip quilt that i designed. i donated it to our ward's young men and young women fund raiser. i thought it turned out pretty cute. i even found a new friend because of it. Laura Vannoy bought the quilt at the auction and i think she is great!
this is the first "quilt" i made for spencer. i gave it to him for christmas... i entered it in the jerome and twin falls fairs and i got jipped. i got a red ribbon in jerome and nothing in twin. this really stumped me because it is really square. all of the squares line up perfectly. i talked to spencer about it (because i was really bothered about it.) and he came up with this conclusion... ***it didn't have enough pink or purple on it. the old ladies that judge the quilts were turned off by the lack of ugly fabrics.*** so, i thought about it and it made sense and it hasn't bothered me since... thanks spence, that is why i love you!

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  1. I love the quilt you made for Sara...all those little individual squares...and that quilt you made for your ward is beautiful! Keep up the good work Supreme Quiltress!


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