Saturday, August 6, 2011


 so i accidentally had a friday night sew in last night.  
i didn't mean to.  
it really was an accident.

the kids were in bed, 
my mr. was off working in the garage 
i thought "i want to whip one of these blocks up really quick..." 
and that was it...
 i honestly had other plans... 
plans that included my mr.
minus the clothes... ;)
 but the sewing machine and the fabric won.
i am a bit embarrassed to say.
i sure love the block though. 
don't love my camera.
(note to a new camera)
so... at 1:00 i went to bed. 
to find a sweetly snoozing mr.
who i promptly woke up! 
he wasn't sorry


  1. Lovely block, did you pleat the blue or was it just like that? Its really cool. Hope you got away with waking up the Mr... think if I woke my OH up there'd need to be a real actual fire somewhere ;-)

  2. I love your Swoon block. :o) I can hardly wait to get this quilt started!!

  3. I am impressed that you had that much energy at 1:00 am!! I didn't even know 1:00 came twice in one day. If I woke my hubby up at that time of the night I think he would have a heart attack...after wards of course!!

  4. Hey just thought of something...maybe that is why you can't get that interview done!!!! hehehee

  5. I like the pleated fabric too. In the unlikely event that I went to bed at 1 am, a nuclear explosion wouldn't wake my husband!

  6. The block came out fab, and so glad you were able to get round to your hubby eventually lol

  7. Love these blocks and love that textured fabric! How is that? Did you make it that way? Either way its beautiful!

    And we have to be soul sisters! I do that to my hubby all the time ;-) Haven't gotten any complaints yet!

  8. Oh My God! I am cracking up at this post!! Too funny!
    And as for the block...well, I'm swooning too!

  9. I keep seeing so many beautiful Swoon blocks!! Yours is a beauty! I just found your blog and am loving reading all your posts :o)


  10. You are hilarious! So, so funny.
    I'm glad you are starting Swoon. It is high on my to-do list. Every project I've seen so far is beautiful, and this one is no exception! I love the pleats.

  11. Swoon is right - that's gorgeous! Funny - sewing makes you randy...nice that you took the time to show him your sewing machine gun jubblies.

  12. Swoon is going to come get me someday. It's impossible to resist! Your pleats are a fabulous touch.


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