Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a new quilt and are YOU a no-reply blogger???

there is something that has been sweeping the blogging world that has been causing much pain and discontent.  

no reply bloggers!!!  

are you one? 
do you know what i am talking about? 
am i talking Greek to you?  

Lets have a little lesson.

all comments made on my blog are automatically emailed to me, if you have your settings on your blogger profile set correctly, your email is attached to the email i get and i can reply right back to you via email.  if your settings aren't correct, then you are a No-Reply Blogger, and i have no way of chatting back with you which makes me S A D!

i love reading all of the comments on my blog.
i love being able to say thanks for a compliment.
i love being able to answer a question.
i love that i have made new friends because of being able to chat it up from a comment.

So, are you inclined I will share with you how to fix this serious problem!  

1. in click on dashboard
2. select edit profile
3.  check the box for "show my email address"
4. click "save changes"

now... hooooray!  
all of the worlds problems are fixed!
so hurry off to your dashboard and click away.  
i want to be able to chat it up.
yes, emily & becky!  i am talking to you!

and because i am so fun...
here is the pile of fabric that is fast becoming my next quilt
 i've got 8 of the 19 rows done... 
hoping to finish the rest today.

although i might have to put it on hold.
i have GOT to finish my bee blocks...  
words this month!


  1. WHAT?! I've taken great pride in being a REPLY blogger... or so I thought. I wonder if the settings changed automatically at some point and I never knew to change it back. I used to get e-mails from comments I made. Thanks for bringing me back out of e-mail isolation.

  2. Hehe :) I always feel really bad when I can't answer the no-reply commenters - especially when they ask a question!

  3. nice quilt you have coming along.

  4. I agree Nicke as a blogger it is very sad when I hit the reply button and see that I can't email them...ugh! Thanks for posting this. If I can remember, I am going to send my readers to your blog to read this.

  5. You talkin' to me? Between you and Brad, I'm a pretty big deal nerd now. I'm now a reformed no-reply blogger (didn't even know there was such a thing) and my TV remote control runs everything in the house - probably even the microwave. Yep, I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal now.

  6. My name is patricia and I was a no-reply blogger. I did not even know I was one. Thank you for showing me the way!

  7. Thanks for reminding people about this! It drives me crazy - but I have a feeling most people who are no-reply aren't even aware of it!

  8. I love your fabric colorful and pretty:)

  9. Nicke, Quilter in the Gap (Rhonda) as mentioned your post here as the best directions to leave our "no reply" selves behind. Hooooray I've done it.

  10. Since there's no option to put in an email address in the Name/URL comment choice - I have to call out Blogger for making us look bad. Bad, Blogger, bad. But also, not everyone wants replies to comments.


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