Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fleet & Flourish

welcome to my day of the beautiful fleet & flourish blog tour.
this day is very important to me as maureen is one of my most very favorite people.  
she has a beautiful kind heart, she is crazy talented and she is an amazing friend. 
when i started looking at the fabrics and what each print was named; i was inspired, deeply.


what does it mean to be innocent and tenacious? how does one do it? 

 all paths sunlit, expanded aim, what awaits profoundly, roadside guide...

my thoughts were everywhere... how can i honor the beauty of the fabric?  how can i infuse my love for maureen into what i make?  how do i do it???

one word.


i took very favorite duffle bag pattern,
and i started sewing.

i wanted to highlight every print so i cut 3.5 inch squares and made the exterior panels a patchwork masterpiece.

when i finished this duffle i really wasn't ready to be finished.
not at all. 
another bag needed to be made and of course i went to my absolute favorite bag...
i am a lover of big purses...they just hold so many things!

this bag has very significant meaning and showcases my two favorite prints.

all paths sunlit (main exterior) and expanded aim (violet pocket) signify that though the path may be bright we must keep our eye on the constantly expanding horizon; forever seeking out and welcoming new experiences. 

though this life and the experiences/successes/failures we have may be innocently fleeting, we must tenaciously aspire to flourish.

thank you dear maureen, for inviting me to participate along side the other amazingly the talented people that are sharing their fleet & flourish projects on this blog tour!

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