Thursday, May 24, 2012

super secret stalker

last month in the Magic Valley Modern Quilt Guild we did a super secret stalker swap and i was lucky enough to get Candy as my partner. 
the only problem was that the stalking was kinda hard because she doesn't have any online habits... no pinterest, no flickr, no blog, no twitter, nothing!   
makes the stalking a bit on the hard side...  luckily, i was able to get some info on her and decided to make her an apron.  she works in the cafeteria at a local elementary school and wanted a sturdy apron...  
this i can do.  
i took out my very favorite apron, a pink one from Williams-Sonoma and made a pattern with it.  i used my very favorite fabric that i got from Kelli at drygoods design online and whipped it up for her lickity split.
as you can see from her grin from ear to ear... she was pleased.
i gave her some of my hello pilgrim fabric and a few spools of thread also.  she was happy!  notice her sucker name tag... her name is Candy... ;)
and this little love block was for kz...  she wanted us to make her blocks that were our dreams for her. 
she is such a sweet girl and so talented! 

the love i found makes me happy every day and i hope love finds it's way to her.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

11 years...

spencer and i met when we were 18 years old.
we dated and fell in love.
we have been together for 14 and a half years.
today is our 11th wedding anniversary.

i am amazed at how much i love this man.
he is my very favorite.
he makes me happy.
he makes my knees weak.
he is adventurous.
he is the best dad ever.
 he loves to play and have fun.
he loves our children.
he loves snowmobiling.
he loves to ride his dirt bike.
he loves me!
i love this man.
i love my family.
i look forward to the next 11 years!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stars for Jacey and Elliott

many of you know that i have a super good friend named JACEY.  
jacey and i met because we are in the Wonky Bee together. 
we became friends because she is super awesome!  seriously, i love that girl!
jacey, she got engaged a few months back and i was so happy for her.  over the moon excited for her and i really wanted to make her something special.  
an idea was formed in my little brain and i sneakily asked her who her favorite online people were...  she gave me a list.  and i sent an email to those people asking them if they were interested in contributing a star block for a special quilt for jacey.  most everyone said yes!
 a plan was hatched and a flickr group was formed... secretly of course. 
and the blocks started pouring in.  
once i received all the blocks... all 30 of them.  
(forgive me for not having individual pics of all the blocks)
i started putting it together
it was so so fun to make this for elliott and jacey!  
a special gift for a special couple from many hands!

i was overwhelmed by the response.  everyone was so happy to make blocks! members of her quilt guild asked if they could ask the other members if they wanted contribute and of course i said the more the merrier! and quickly our flickr group grew and grew!

the only requirements were make a star block in shades of yellow, grey, and navy/blue and add a little embroidery on it.  so look closely, every single block has some embroidery on it.  some people put their name on the block. others put a sweet note or thought for the happy couple. but all of the blocks have something. it warms my heart!

"love hopes all things" 
"happily every after"

if you look closely you can see the name tag for this quilt...  it is on Jen's s yellow star block on the far left third from the top...  it says "the babymaker" as we were chatting about the quilt on flickr we were talking about a tag for the quilt and Kaelin came up with this because honestly, the world could use a few more Jacey's running around! ;)

so thank you to everyone who helped make this quilt.

Betty (Jacey's gramma)
Cindy (jacey's mom)
Jill (jacey's sister)

it was a pleasure!


i am linking to amy's bloggers quilt festival! 

Amy's Creative Side

Sunday, May 13, 2012


happy mothers day.
i am happy to be a mother today.
happy that my daughter woke me with a small little box.
thanks for the pretty necklace princess.
thanks for the pretty necklace monkey.
thanks for the pretty necklace lover.
i am so happy to be your mom and your wife!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's his party

 and he'll cry if he wants to...
today is this little guys birthday!
2 years old!
we were outside last night playing.  spencer was giving the kids short rides on his dirt bike and when it was sisters turn, brother had a fit!
tears galore!
i thought, maybe sitting on the new quilt will make him happy?  it always works for me.

not so much for him...
he usually LOVES being snuggled up in a "bankie" but when there is a motorcyle near, "No Thanks".

so, here she is, "Dream On".

i lightly spray basted and used no additional pins.
using my grace, i started quilting and found that i was having serious pucker problems (spp).
 so i ripped out a few quilting lines, and all was well.
spp crisis averted.
 it is super fun to use.
 we all love it so so much.
it makes me want to have a picnic for every meal.
 super simple fast quilting. just a 1/4 inch off of the seam.
i loved the horizontal lines so much i couldn't bring myself to go vertical!
so today we are making cupcakes 
and if the stupid wind stops blowing we will eat them outside on our happy picnic blanket
 happy birthday big guy!  
i love you a million bazillion! 
and i promise to buy you a motorcycle of your own when you are just a little bigger!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Invisible Zipper tutorial.

i posted this tutorial over on rhonda's blog in april.

i am just re-posting it here... 

first gather your ready, you need a lot of stuff...

two pieces of fabric cut 1 1/4 inch bigger than the pillow you are covering.
{if you have a 16" pillow form you should cut your two pieces 17 1/4"... 18" form needs 19 1/4"... 22" form needs 23 1/4"... and so on..}
so again, two pieces of fabric.
one long ol' invisible zipper
a small ruler
fabric pen

i have a serger, thanks to my sweet husband, so i take the time to serge the edges of the fabric before i start.  it gives me a 1/4" guide when i am sewing, and it makes the pillow look professional when it is done.  if you don't have a serger, no worries, it is just how i do it.
lay the invisible zipper with the zipper pull facing down and mark your fabric at 1 1/2".  this is where you will start sewing your zipper. 
with your zipper pull facing down on the right side of the fabric (make sure you have your zipper foot on your machine) sew the zipper to the fabric a 1/4 inch away from the edge of the fabric starting at the 1 1/2" mark.  this is where my serged edge comes in really handy as i use it to line my zipper up with.  make sure to stay as close to the closed zipper as you can when you are sewing.
here is what it will look like.  you can see from this terrible picture that the thread line is not every close to the zipper.  we are going to stitch it again... closer this time.
pull the zipper open, push the zipper teeth up with your finger and nest the zipper foot right against the zipper teeth and sew it again.  you can see in the picture below that the foot is holding the zipper teeth up as you sew.  go slow so you can get the new stitch line close to the zipper teeth.
you can see the two thread lines here...  i am sure you are thinking why would i sew that twice, why wouldn't i just open the zipper up and sew it once... i do it this way because i am able to get a straighter stitch line closer to the zipper.  it stays put when i am stitching it close to the zipper.  but honestly, i am a creature of habit, kind of a "if it ain't broke don't fix it" kind of gal.  i was taught that way and it works for me.
and we repeat the whole process with the other piece of fabric.  making sure to keep your two pieces lined up mark it at 1 1/2" again.    
staying close to the zipper sew it a 1/4 inch from the edge, or line the edge of the zipper up to the serge line and use it as a guide.
open the zipper up, push the zipper teeth up with your finger and nest the zipper foot right against the zipper teeth and sew it again.  go slow so you can get the new stitch line close to the zipper teeth.
again, you can see the two stitch lines.
now that you have your zipper stitched to both fabric pieces we need to make sure that the zipper is the right length and that it is secure before we trim it.  take your zipper and with a zig-zag stitch stitch the zipper together like so...   
now that the zipper is secure cut your extra zipper ends in an upside-down V shape with the tip of the V just short of the end of the fabric.  see below.
remember how we started 1 1/2" from the end of the fabric? we have to sew that area closed.  start sewing a 1/4" before the end of your stitch line from the zipper and stitch the pillow together with a 1/2" seam allowance.
it may take a few times to get it looking perfect, as you can tell from mine i am still working on making it perfect.  make sure you back stitch a couple times at the beginning and end of your stitches to keep it secure.
trim the corners 
now turn that baby right side out and admire the crap out of your pillow cover!  

if you have any questions let me know.  as i was typing this up i thought, i should have just done a video... ;) maybe soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

at the races...

we went to the races last night.  
i enjoyed every second of it.
the hot dogs
the popcorn
the little boy saying "hold you" to me.  
(it was pretty chilly... hence the coats and hats.)
the little girl playing with her tumbleweed umbrella.
the little boy yelling "RACE CAR" over and over.
his little head whipping back and forth as he watched them drive by so fast.
being there with my sweet baboo, i love him.
sitting on my newly finished dream on quilt.  
ahhh. the little things.